Best Life Partner Quotes in English 2020|Love Shayari

Best Life Partner Quotes in English 2020

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quotes on life partner
My partner in life is my true mate,
Who supports me in every situations,
I love him the most till my life ends.
about life partner quotes
You are very special for me
As you are the best in my life.
life with partner quotes
My happiness starts with you,
And ends also with you.
You are the best partner of my life.
life partner quotes
You are my best friend
As you are my well wisher,
My helper, my teacher
And my advisor too.
life partner quotes hindi
My life was an empty box,
You fill it with your great love.
I am thankful to you,
For being in my life.
life partner love quotes
I am lucky to have you,
As my life partner.
All my pleasure is for you,
And all your problems for me.
quotes on life partner in hindi
My life starts with you
It will end with you.
life partner shayari
I have proud for your
Love, faith, happiness
And the most important
Your time you gave me.
life partner quotes in hindi
My life is a treasure full of pleasure,
Since you’re part of my life.
shayari for life partner
You are the best gift of God
Love you soooo much.