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Best Life Quotes in English 2020

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Life Quotes
Life is short,
So make your each day,
A memorable day,
And live happily.
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The world is a theater,
Our life is a picture,
We all are characters,
And the God is director.
for life quotes
Life becomes happy,
If it is full of love, friends,
Sweet memories and
Desire of success.
when life quotes
Life is actually easy,
But some people’s appearance,
Makes it complicated.
life quotes best
Friends are evidence of our
In life.
life quotes hindi
Life is a lab,
Where we examine,
Who are our own
And who are not.
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Life has two faces,
Gain and pain.
If you gain some best
Never throw away in waste,
If you have pain,
Try your life again.
life quotes in english
Life is short,
So live it heartfully,
And enjoy a lot.
best life quotes
Count your age by friends,
Not years.
Count your life by health,
Not wealth.
top 10 life quotes in english
We should be grateful
To God,
For giving such a beautiful